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Warhammer 40k - Adeptus Custodes Captain General Trajann Valoris

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Scene of Wonder: When Tieron goes to Luna to investigate the disturbance there, he walks in on the aftermath of the massive battle between the Imperial forces and Chaos, with none other than Roboute Guilliman in the centre. The way he describes it, he sounds like he's losing his mind throughout the whole encounter. s standard Super Soldiers, the Space Marines, show up in the form of Ultramarines in the first book, and Imperial Fists and Minotaurs in the second. Just Toying with Them: Discussed in The Regent's Shadow: as Valerian fights his first Primaris Space Marine, he notes that he really wishes he could toy with the newcomer for a while to figure out his capabilities, but alas, circumstances mean he must go all out and Curb Stomp him.

A wise man draws his swords when the time is right to wield them. A fool dies with blades still sheathed, fearing that there might yet come a time of greater need. For the sake of Emperor and Imperium both, we must take the fight to our enemies." The office of Captain-General is one of the most powerful military appointments in the Imperium of Man. It confers full responsibility for the overall defence of the Sol System, Terra, the Imperial Palace and -- ultimately -- the Golden Throne and the Emperor Himself.


The Captain-General personally oversees the select inner corps of three hundred Custodians, known as the Companions, who actually serve the Emperor as His personal bodyguards within the sacred chambers of the Sanctum Sanctorum, the Throneroom of the Imperial Palace where the ancient prosthetic device known as the Golden Throne contains the withered corpse of the God-Emperor Himself. It was as if Valoris had foreseen Primarch Roboute Guilliman's return and the formation of the Great Rift long before they came, and laid all the groundwork required for the Adeptus Custodes to adapt to the new Imperium. Refused by the Call: When the leader of the Companions (the Custodians who watch over the Emperor directly) has prophetic dreams featuring Valerian's name, they both assume that this is The Call for Valerian to join the Companions - only for him to be unable to cross the treshold into the throne room. It's implied that the Emperor deliberately pushed him away so that Valerian would go to Vorlese. If your memory is taken up by trying to recall the 50-odd epithets you’ve chosen for each of your Custodes, sign up to our newsletter to get the latest Warhammer news delivered straight to your inbox. He gained the rank of Shield-Captain soon afterwards, and spent several standard centuries leading sorties against emergent threats throughout the Sol System and beyond. Valoris became well known for his tendency to observe his enemies carefully, predict their movements, then deliver a sudden and decisive blow.

With the release of War of the Spider, though, they got one of the most extensive Psychic Awakening updates in the game, gaining a whole host of new options. That book arrived at a difficult time, with 8th on its deathbed and much of the world in the grip of covid-19, but the obvious potential was there. From there, you should be able to field a pretty competitive army that can deal damage, withstand hellfire, and take objectives. You’ll be fast on your feet as well as able to form a doughty battleline. If you’ve come this far and completed the above list, it may be a time to dip a toe into ForgeWorld’s offerings, as some of their dreadnoughts and vehicles are simply stunning – but be warned that you’ll pay a considerable price for them. Lord Commander of the Segmentum Solar • Lord Commander Militant • Lord High Admiral • Cardinal(s) of the Holy Synod of Terra • Abbess Sanctorum • Captain-General • Chancellor of the Estate Imperium • Speaker for the Chartist Captains • Lord Constable Surprisingly high skill floor – your units are great but there aren’t many of them, and getting the most out of the army takes some thoughtDuring the Siege of Terra, the Custodes held fast against the rising tide of Chaos Space Marines, and assorted other servants of the dark gods. Theyguarded the Emperor with their lives,defending him unceasinglyfrom the Terran war’s twin enemies: Horus’ armies outside his palace, and the teeming daemonic masses surging through the transdimensional Webway. Villain with Good Publicity: Imperium Eterna's goal in The Regent's Shadow is to become this; by setting up and supporting the Splintered, they "prove" that the Reform Council is unable to keep the peace on Terra, while they swoop in and destroy them. One or more units from your army can start to perform this action at the end of the Move Units step of your Movement phase if they are within 1" of a Hatchway. This action can be performed by any unit that is not within Engagement Range of any enemy models, even if that unit is being affected by a rule that would normally prevent it from performing actions. The action is completed at the end of your Movement phase if no enemy models are within 1" of that Hatchway. If there are any enemy models within 1" of that Hatchway, your opponent can attempt to prevent the action from being completed. If they do so, roll off with your opponent; each player adds the Strength characteristic of one of their models that is within 1" of that Hatchway to their respective scores. If you win, the action is completed; otherwise, the action fails. If completed, that Hatchway opens (if it was closed) or closes (if it was open). Now, some of these numbers are all over the place – and to reiterate, most likely comes about from estimating global prices from using a product in the same price range. So, if these numbers turn out to be 100% true – these are great savings, but even better if you’re from the land down under – previous Boarding Patrol boxes shafted you Aussies a little, but this box appears to make up with a whopping 54% off. Hopefully, these predictions are correct, and your big golden boys are going to look a little more golden with that money-off sheen. Boarding Patrol: Adeptus Custodes – Contents The Adeptus Custodes are to Space Marines what Space Marines are to mortal men – majestic, hand-crafted paragons of warfare built to serve as the last line of defence between the Emperor and those who would do him harm. Accordingly, even their most basic fighters are the equal of mighty heroes from other factions, and the arena of melee combat is where they truly shine brightest – with the dutiful Sisters of Silence providing specialist anti-psyker support. Faction Rules

For most of 8th edition the Adeptus Custodes were firmly at the bottom of the pile, flaming out hard after a brief initial run when their codex first launched and spamming Vertus Praetors was the flavour of the month. A few players saw moderate success with them, and for another brief period the Caladius Grav-tank was everywhere thanks to being extremely undercosted for its capabilities, but they spent more of the time at the bottom than at the top and had a very low win-rate, particularly as a pure army. Roboute Guilliman makes scant few appearances at the end of the first book and the start of the second before departing to fight a Great Offscreen War, though it's implied he's keeping an eye on things through Valoris.Victory Through Intimidation: When riots come to the walls of the Imperial Palace, Valerian stops the Arbites forces from opening fire, and instead walks out among the mob. The common folks of the Imperium, suddenly confronted by a mythical being over three metres tall, clad in ornate gold armour and holding a giant spear, lets him locate and arrest their leader without any opposition. We Have Become Complacent: Tieron admits eventually that the nobles of Terra have gotten so used to the fact that in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, they have come to think of Great Offscreen War as natural part of the universe, and can't imagine it coming right to their doorstep. The Battle of Gathalamor occurred during the Indomitus Crusade after the creation of the Great Rift. [1a] Overview

Enacting their Catastrophe Protocols, Valoris acted as the overall commander of the Imperial forces charged with the defence of the Imperial Palace. The Captain-General personally led a charge of four-thousand Custodians from the Lion's Gate to meet the invaders. The Captain-General is the master of the Adeptus Custodes, and, on many occasions during Imperial history, has stood amongst the ranks of the High Lords of Terra. He is further charged with leading the greatest military campaigns fought by the Ten Thousand, and must display a degree of warrior prowess that approaches that of the Primarchs of old. The second book features Tor Garadon, an Imperial Fists captain last seen shepherding the remnants of Cadian army in the "Gathering Storm" campaign. Champion of the Imperium: Friendly ADEPTUS CUSTODES INFANTRY, BIKER, and DREADNOUGHT units within 12″ of your Warlord at the start of your opponent’s Charge phase can Heroically Intervene. This is Trajann’s required trait. A solid trait and a great way to make your army into a solid deathball that can’t be charged – important in 9th where melee is powerful and key f Whilewe’ve not yet updated this section to fully reflect the 9th Edition Adeptus Custodes codex (watch out for that soon),it’s worth reflecting how the latest edition’sgame systems already complemented theCustodes’ stunning models, guiding how they play best. Many of their rules (to be found in the 8th Edition codex and the Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider books) still stood strong in pre-full-Custodes-codex 9th Edition.Custodes benefit from one of the weapons updates that came with the 9th edition Space Marines codex – their storm shields now offer +1 to armour saving throws and a 4+ invulnerable save. For Custodians this is pure upside as they still get +1 to invulnerable saves from The Emperor’s Chosen, so they still get a 3++ and also now have a 1+ save. Lords of the Shield Hosts Overly Long Name: As the Custodes are awarded new names for various achievements both in and out of combat, most seasoned Custodians have dozens, if not hundreds of them. Valoris is said to have at least a thousand. In the 8th Edition of Warhammer 40k, we saw the Adeptus Custodes come into their own as a fighting force. With new models, new characters, and new rules, they became far more than a diversion from Space Marines; they became something that stands alone, with a unique golden flavour.Now, in 9th Edition, they’re even more refined, benefiting from many rule changes in the newer version of Warhammer 40k, andmaking an appearance in somecompetitive lists. This allowed a large host of Khornate Daemons to burst through the skein of reality to assail Terra itself, in a conflict that came to be known as the Battle of Lion's Gate or informally as the Second Battle of Terra. Put on a Bus: Lev Tieron retires at the end of the first book, passing his job - and his point-of-view slot - to his assistant, Jek.

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